Cogs in Time – A review

Author Nicole L Daffurn

Review time again! This is one review that I am SO excited to bring to you. Not only because you are going to love this anthology but also because one of my own stories will be featured in the follow on anthology to this one!

Since there is only one review for Cogs in Time for Australia, I thought I had better do my part in the reviewing stakes. I must say that when I picked up this book I was already excited, but after completing this anthology I am far more excited than I ever anticipated! The stories I read in this book are amazing! To say the very least. I am honoured to be reviewing it, and even more honoured to be offered a place in the next one!

Enough chit-chat for now, let’s get on with this review!


Go on an adventure through unheard of places in…

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About cindysvoices

I am a poet. I write verses about life in general. Feelings, nature's beauty, social issues and even a bit of magic are found in my poems. I have 2 books published: Voices In My Head and They Won't Shut Up. I am also an over-the-road truck driver with my husband of 22 years. It is the latest occupation of many.
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