Fab 5 Blog Hop

I was tagged and asked to do this by
Laura Susan Johnson http://bright-the-book.snack.ws/fab-5-blog-hop.html   I was supposed to tag 5 but could only find 4 who were willing to do this..

1) What am I working on? I actually write all the time.
Presently, my only projects are poems for the book series by my dear friend and fellow author Anita Stewart.
She has asked me to write a poem for each book in her both of her series.
I have also submitted poems to several anthologies, most of which have been accepted.
Although I have more than enough to publish a third book, I am not sure if that is something I am willing to do.

2) How does my work differ from others? Most of my author friends write prose, and I write poetry.
My poems deal with all aspects of life: grief, joy, magic, love, hate.
I rarely write any erotica or paranormal poems.
I just want to offer the reader a different view of the world to consider.

3) Why do I write what I do? I write because it gives me peace.
I think people would be happier if they took the time to understand each other.
By writing my poems, I hope to give insight to new concepts, a way to look outside the box.

4) How does my writing process work? I don’t really have a “writing process”.
Topics come from out of the blue and my mind creates verses. I really just write what the voices say.
I guess it would be almost automatic writing.
I never have a clue what I will write about or even why I am thinking of some things.

I am tagging:
Fellow poet, Tracey Dixon, who just released her freestyle poetry book No Rose Garden. She can be found at http://traceydixon72.wordpress.com/
Mariana Thorn, author of Seizing Darkness and newly released Slice and Dice. She can be found at http://www.marianathorn.com
Tiffany Carmouche who is called “Queen of the cliffhanger” Her series is The Alaskan Heart Saga. She is at http://www.Tiffanycarmouche.com
Elizabeth Ann Le at eadavisblog.WordPress.com



About cindysvoices

I am a poet. I write verses about life in general. Feelings, nature's beauty, social issues and even a bit of magic are found in my poems. I have 2 books published: Voices In My Head and They Won't Shut Up. I am also an over-the-road truck driver with my husband of 22 years. It is the latest occupation of many.
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