Eva’s Byte #199 – Irons in the Fire

via Eva’s Byte #199 – Irons in the Fire

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Three Months for the Price of One!

via Three Months for the Price of One!

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In Defense of the 5-Star Review

Tammie Painter

Aside from landing a huge publishing contract that includes a ginormousstar advance and an all-star-cast movie deal, nothing makes a writer’s heart happier than to receive a five-star review. That’s not to say writers would complain about a three- or four-star review – after all, we’re just thrilled to have people reading our ramblings – but the five-star review is such a brag-worthy ego boost.

So why is there this sudden disdain for the five-star review?

Several forums I’ve visited recently have touted claims about five-star reviews that include…

  • Five-star reviews are fake (as in posted by the author himself).
  • Five-star reviews have been paid for.
  • Five-star reviews are from relatives of the author.
  • And the worst….All five-star reviews should be skipped over because they don’t represent valid opinions of the book.

Really? Who came up with this new rule? Is it some disgruntled writer who never earned a…

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In Defense of the 5-Star Review

In Defense of the 5-Star Review.

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Cogs in Time – A review

Author Nicole L Daffurn

Review time again! This is one review that I am SO excited to bring to you. Not only because you are going to love this anthology but also because one of my own stories will be featured in the follow on anthology to this one!

Since there is only one review for Cogs in Time for Australia, I thought I had better do my part in the reviewing stakes. I must say that when I picked up this book I was already excited, but after completing this anthology I am far more excited than I ever anticipated! The stories I read in this book are amazing! To say the very least. I am honoured to be reviewing it, and even more honoured to be offered a place in the next one!

Enough chit-chat for now, let’s get on with this review!


Go on an adventure through unheard of places in…

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Fab 5 Blog Hop

I was tagged and asked to do this by
Laura Susan Johnson http://bright-the-book.snack.ws/fab-5-blog-hop.html   I was supposed to tag 5 but could only find 4 who were willing to do this..

1) What am I working on? I actually write all the time.
Presently, my only projects are poems for the book series by my dear friend and fellow author Anita Stewart.
She has asked me to write a poem for each book in her both of her series.
I have also submitted poems to several anthologies, most of which have been accepted.
Although I have more than enough to publish a third book, I am not sure if that is something I am willing to do.

2) How does my work differ from others? Most of my author friends write prose, and I write poetry.
My poems deal with all aspects of life: grief, joy, magic, love, hate.
I rarely write any erotica or paranormal poems.
I just want to offer the reader a different view of the world to consider.

3) Why do I write what I do? I write because it gives me peace.
I think people would be happier if they took the time to understand each other.
By writing my poems, I hope to give insight to new concepts, a way to look outside the box.

4) How does my writing process work? I don’t really have a “writing process”.
Topics come from out of the blue and my mind creates verses. I really just write what the voices say.
I guess it would be almost automatic writing.
I never have a clue what I will write about or even why I am thinking of some things.

I am tagging:
Fellow poet, Tracey Dixon, who just released her freestyle poetry book No Rose Garden. She can be found at http://traceydixon72.wordpress.com/
Mariana Thorn, author of Seizing Darkness and newly released Slice and Dice. She can be found at http://www.marianathorn.com
Tiffany Carmouche who is called “Queen of the cliffhanger” Her series is The Alaskan Heart Saga. She is at http://www.Tiffanycarmouche.com
Elizabeth Ann Le at eadavisblog.WordPress.com


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So Your Friend Is an Author…



Amazing, Isn’t It?

Yes. It is.

How many authors do you actually know?

Now your friend is one.

The key word there is friend.

This was your friend before. Becoming an author doesn’t change that.

Sure, you can tease your friend about this, if your relationship ordinarily involves teasing.

But your friendship is based on more than just teasing:

  • You support one another. Even if one of you writes a book.
  • You’re honest with one another. Even if you think the book isn’t quite, well, you know.
  • You know each other well. How to get on one another’s nerves. How to put things gently. So you can figure out the right way to share honest feedback.
  • You motivate one another. So in addition to honest feedback, you’ll provide encouragement, motivation, and direction.

Your friend wrote a book. That’s a huge accomplishment. Treat it as such.

There are some things you…

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